Hello, and a warm welcome to my website. My name is Joel Walley and I am a photographer focusing on the wildlife of Great Britain. I have created this website in order to showcase my work and eventually offer a platform to sell some of my images so please, take a look around and let me know what you think.

My photographs can be accessed by clicking on the "Gallery" link at the top, or alternatively you may select one of the portfolios to the right of this page, by clicking on the thumbnail or portfolio title. The portfolios are set up into habitats and most contain a wide variety of species.

I am continually adding new photos and updating the site. New photographs can be found under the "Latest photos" heading at the top of this page.

I have also started to use the "News/Blog" section of the site to highlight British species' which I find particularly interesting. With a few facts and a selection photographs not included elsewhere, hopefully it will show some familiar animals in a new and different light.

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------- Isle of Mull, November 2011.
A collection of photographs from the a two week autumn trip to the Isle of Mull, in November 2011.
------- Coast
The coast of Great Britain features many different habitats, from towering sea cliffs to sandy beaches. A huge diversity of wildlife can be found here, as seen in this gallery.
------- Freshwater
Wildlife photographs from Britain's freshwater habitats
------- Uplands, Lowlands and farmland
A variety of images from these habitats found around United Kingdom.
------- The World Up Close.
A selection of macro images, mainly focusing on invertebrates found in the UK.
------- Woodland Creatures
A collection of photographs from British Woodlands